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Do You See What I See?

They have all helped me see, real people are my passion, I’ll never forget, the old Kyrgyz lady by the side of the road selling her wares.  Empty coke bottles full of second hand oil. The raggedy, smiling children that looked and saw me under the underpass in the slums of Mombai. The women in the Malawi prison, who said she was glad we came, she thought for all the world she was forgotten, but that day we knew her name.

The ghetto block family in the doorway, with a smell we couldn’t wash away, the Moldovian invalid lady lit by candlelight. The man crying in the darkness, waiting for someone to come.  I bring home their faces.

My images help tell their story, but the greater gift they have given me, these people have helped me see.  When you take a picture with your camera, do you see what I see?