Maria always enjoys expressing herself artistically, and as her children grew up she decided she should pursue this talent more seriously. Whilst studying Arts and Life Drawing, her tutors noticed her natural flare for photography and encouraged her to develop this discipline. Maria continued her studies and gained qualifications in both Media Arts and Photography.

During that time, Maria travelled to Kyrghyzstan, Central Asia, with a local charity and produced images to raise awareness. Whilst there, she realised her passion for portrait photography. She loves meeting new people, and interacting with them, which she feels is a real privilege.

Maria has been commissioned to work for other charities, travelling further to the slums of Mombai, the shantytowns of Romania as well as orphanages and prisons in Malawi.  Over time Maria realised the power of her images, telling the stories of the people she photographed. It was important to her to capture the emotion as well as the moment.

As a Mum, she also appreciates how quickly children grow up, and how much it means to preserve those precious years. Maria continues to hone her craft, not wishing to merely produce a record, she strives to create images of artistic merit to be appreciated for years to come.

Maria is the official photographer for the prestigious on-line magazine Men Style Fashion.  Following the publication of her images in Vogue UK, taken at London Collections Men and chosen by David Gandy, the UK's top male model, to accompany his personal on-line blog, Maria's prescence in the Fashion industry is fast growing.

Maria’s photography is now recognised nationally.


Do you See What I See?

So what enables me to see?  Is it just about technology?  Or about getting a collage degree?  Well it helps to have a reservoir of images to reference in my mind.

 I’ve studied media arts, textiles, fine art and graphic design; All have helped me see, texture, framing, composition and how to spot a leading line.

Is it about reading loads of photography magazines and books, observing modern culture, keeping up with current trends and looks?

Is it about having an understanding of great photographers work? Regularly seeing exhibitions, visiting galleries? I think it all helps. To name but a few,……..

I’ve seen Cartier-Bresson’s retrospective in Paris in the rain, the crazy shapes of Miro, the glittering intoxication of Klimt?‘s kiss.  

I’ve Climbed the steps of Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, gazed in awe and wonder at his creativity that’s something I‘m glad I didn’t miss.

The bursting colour of Van Gogh’s beard in a stree in Amsterdam makes you think you can reach out and touch his bristles with your hand.

The majesty and scale of Monet‘s lillies, amazing to behold, standing under Jeff koon’s  towering giant dog made of flowers, so bold.

Dali‘s melting clocks of unpredictable surrealism found by the Paris steps, an original Banksie, on the Bethlehem wall, a dove with a target on it's breast. They have all helped me see, real people are my passion. [ See Documentary]